How Hagemaru teach us to save

Do you know who is Hagemaru? He is not my sibling or my friends but he could teach me about saving.
Do you want to know who is this Hagemaru? Hagemaru or his full name Tsurupika Hagemaru is a Japanese manga character.
The main character, Hagemaru is a young kid which around 10 years old that deals with everything in ‘stingy’ way. He is only a child from her parent which is also ‘stingy’.

Why he is become my main title? Because the character not just stingy but also teach us how this young kid do many innovation to save money. Eventhough mostly, the way look funny but it is a good way to save money.
He with his parent are merely misers and will do anything to save their money.

What we can learn from Hagemaru cartoon

If you follow the cartoon, you will see that this family always think before spending anything. Sometimes, they build something similar to avoid their money from being waste. They also don’t waste food and very innovative.
Maybe there’s an moral issue on this cartoon but the way they save money could be follow. There’s also an idea from his mom or dad that creatively to earn side income.

This is some of his idea to save money which is unbelieveable and unlogical to follow

1. Nobody else eagerly awaits the rains for the purpose of getting a free carwash.

2. Nobody else takes free tissue paper from a volunteer and then tries to resell it.

3. Nobody shaves off their dog to make a scarf – that too for showing-off only.

4. Nobody else ‘gifts’ a dress to his fat neighbour so that it loosens up when she tries to wear it and he gets it back and it’s not tight anymore.

So, do you have any cartoon character or movie character that could teach you about saving? Let’s share.

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