How Liability Insurance Reduces Your Risks

There are different kinds of liability insurance. These include Business Liability Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Fleet Insurance, PI Insurance, etc. If you are employing staff for your business it is mandatory by law to cover them against any kind of accident or injury at work. In many instances this may also include self employed contractors. As an employer it is important that you should have an insurance cover that will pay when the employee gets injured, killed or falls ill when at work. In most nations across the globe Employer’s liability insurance is mandatory by law.

Benefits of Employer’s Liability Insurance

In the event any employee suffers from any injury or dies at work, the employer’s liability insurance will pay the employee’s family. Having such a kind of insurance policy reduces the employer’s risk against huge claims from employees. Not having such a policy is detrimental to your business interests since accidents are quite frequent and despite all the precautions and safety measures, are unavoidable. In the UK, there are many businesses that are still not covered for under the Employer’s Liability Insurance. With raising awareness amongst workers world wide, this can prove very costly for such businesses.

Arranging for Employer’s Liability Insurance

Employer’s Liability insurance is normally arranged when applying for business insurance. Quite often, many business owners do not realize that business insurance incorporates different types of insurance that is relevant to the business. It may include: Employer’s Liability Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Building Insurance or Property Insurance and Motor Vehicle Insurance.

Cost of Insurance

The cost of any insurance is based on the claims experience of the country and also and the perceived risk. This is normally determined by the insurance companies themselves. In the United Kingdom, though the minimum insurance to be held is £ 5.0 million, it is quite common for companies to opt for £ 10 million. Within the same industry, the costs may vary between employees belonging to different categories. For instance, the cost of insurance for those working on scaffoldings and roof tops is higher when compared to painters or fitters. Similarly, the cost of insurance for those working inside an office is lower when compared to those who are working in the field.

Finally, the Liability Insurance must cover all the employees in the organization. Some employer’s insurance requires the exact details about the number of permanent and temporary employees. In the United Kingdom, the records of the Employers Liability Insurance should be retained for forty years.

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