How Long Does A Claim Take On Car Insurance in UK?

It is compulsory to have car insurance in UK and sometimes, you totally hate the idea, but truth be told, your car insurance benefits you in ways you can’t even imagine. When the times are unlucky, and you face an undesirable situation, car insurance is your shield against financial loss because you can recover your financial loss by filing a claim.

However, filing a claim can be daunting if you have no prior experience. The response of your insurance company regarding a claim speaks volumes about your satisfaction level with that company; it also reflects on the efficiency and performance of that company. The longer a company takes to respond to a claim, the more time you will have to live without a car. Here are a few factors that decide the length of time for answering a claim.

  1. Teamwork expedites the process:

When it comes to responding to a filed claim, it is not a one person job. Putting it all on one individual will delay the process and would reflect badly on the performance of the insurance company. Instead, the whole team needs to join hands and work together so that the claims can be settled at their earliest.

  1. Type of Claim:

The time taken for settlement of claim depends upon the type of claim you are filing. If your claim is about personal injuries, that might take a long time for settlement because that would involve medical assessment and treatment. Since it goes beyond auto insurance, therefore, it would require more time for settlement.

If your claim is about a car which is completely damaged and even the insurance company has declared it irreparable, then the company will provide you with a settlement figure within 30 days.

However, the quickest response of insurance company is for those claims which involve minor or partial damage. The time taken for settling this claim depends on the level of damages to the car.

  1. Be there for communication:

To speed up the process of claim, the claimant, as well as the insurance company’s agent, must be available so that all the details could be communicated properly. In the case of poor communication or non-availability, the process is delayed.

  1. Have clarity of insurance plan:

An ambiguity about details of insurance cause delays in settlement of claims. For speedy processing of the claim, you must know what your policy covers under the insurance. This is to avoid inconveniences and delays down the lane when there arises a need to file a claim. While filing a claim, you should know what your insurance plan covers and what lies beyond the scope. This is to prevent you from facing any undesirable or distasteful situation.

  1. Dispute on repair shop:

Insurance companies have pre-decided repair facilities on their penal. It will take a long time for settling a claim on car insurance if, after a mishap, the claimant wants to take the car to a facility of their choice or they are not happy with the repair shop which is on company’s penal. Therefore, before buying a car insurance plan, you must take a look at the repair shops that are on that company’s penal.

  1. Your input matters:

Last but not least, for quick processing of claim on car insurance, you must take the proper precautions by taking pictures of the damage. Make sure that you report the incident within 24 hours, and you have given all the significant information regarding the accident.

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