How Mark Cuban Become Billionaire

One of richest celebrity that become my Idol is successfull businessman Mark Cuban. The billionaire who is owner of basketball team Dallas Mavericks and gain more popularity after feature in famous reality show ‘Shark Tank’.
So how he become rich ? Is he from wealthy family? Let’s read this article about this billionaire.

Mark Cuban was born on July 31, 1958 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father, Norton Cuban is middle income guy and work as an automobile upholsterer. He grew up in the suburb of Mount Lebanon, in a Jewish working-class family.
His first step become a businessman occurred at age 12, when he sold garbage bags to get money for expensive basketball shoes. His early involvement in business make him familiar with money and profit.
During his undergradute studies in Business Administration at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, he buy a bar for $15,000. He turn the bar into the most successful student bar in town.

His first big company was MicroSolutions, a computer company that was initially a system integrator and software reseller. He sold the company to CompuServe in 1990 for a tidy sum of $6 million and he become a millionaire.
He retire for five years and started AudioNet with his partner. The company expanded to broadcast of hundreds of sports channels and radio programs. The site, renamed as , as the first internet radio sites int he world and when it had its IPO in 1998, the stock soared from $18 to $62.75 in a single day. was later acquired by Yahoo! and Mark took in $1.7 billion in Yahoo! stock.

Mark also running 2929 Entertaiment, a company which produces and distributes movies and TV shows. He also has another theater chain Landmark Theaters or his satellite TV channel AXS TV. In 2004, Cuban working with ABC television to produce a reality television series, The Benefactor but cancel due to poor rating.
He also invest in many startup such as IceRocket, a search engine which scours the blogosphere for content.

He also wrote an ebook ‘How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It’ which he described as a way to get motivated (click here to buy the ebook).
He also started as a grassroots, online portal for oversight over the U.S government’s $700 billion ‘bailout’ of financial institutions.

He featured as a ‘shark’ investor on the ABC reality program Shark Tank and has invested more than 80 deals for a total of $19.4 million invested.
He also launching a social media app called Cyber Dust in 2014.

There’s too many about his achievement which is great to know. I won’t follow his footsteps but hopefully I could do better after reading this. How about you?

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