How much money you spend everyday

o you know how much money you spend everyday?
If you used app such as Spending Tracker then you will know how much you spend today.
If not, you can write on your ‘555’ book or others small booklet. It is important as many people just spend their money without knowing where it gone.

Do you know how much you spend at restaurant ? You buy a fried mee that cost RM3.50 and you pay RM10.00. The cashier give you back RM6.50. Do you put the 50 cent on your pocket or at the wallet?
Most people don’t care about cent but at the end of month they keep finding the cent. That’s the reason why you need to know everyday expenses. Look at RM0.50 that we dont care everyday. It could save us RM15 which means it could buy as a food for lunch and breakfast (it depend on your restaurant).

In this digital era, using an app is the easiest way to keep track on spending. I’ve used Spending Tracker and found how much I waste my money. Not just because that cent but also the RM1 that I could put properly in my wallet.
Last week I just throw away RM3 because the money from my pocket lose. I just know that money lose after look at my tracker and get called from the travel agency that I’ve going.

If you keep track spending than you will know your :-
1) Trend of Expenses . You will know where the place that keep getting your money.

2) Compare the Price. You will know that price in the shop or restaurant cheap or expensive.

3) You keep track your budget. Without any tracking , there’s no way you will follow your budget.

4) You can save more. Yes, you could save your cent to others place. Then you will save more. You can read my article about smart money saving tips that put me on tight budget. I could save money for emergency fund fast than ever.

5) You also know the prioritise to spend. I’ve wrote about Saving Money Dining Out that dining out is one way to lose your money.

I hope that we can keep on track our spending to ensure our personal finance in good condition… As this article wrote on 2nd January 2020 I want to wish you ‘Happy New Year’.

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