How to handle when your car crash?

Involving in an auto accident is not just damage your vehicle. It also damages our credit reports and scores. Many victims will get problem over their medical bills while waiting for their insurance companies to sort out the problem. Sometimes, there’s a problem from the auto insurance and make they lost money and can’t claim it. It is because some of insurance companies have confusing terms and conditions in the agreement.

In this entry, I’ll share some tips for you to protect and minimize the damage of your credit after hit on accident:-

How To Handle Credit When In Accident



  1. Get all information about your insurance. Read the agreement and claim anything you can. Don’t shy and afraid that you’re insurance won’t pay in some situation. When you are in accident, report to your insurance company immediately and claim all of you can.
  2. You need to report an insurance company immediately. You also need to lodge a police report as soon as possible. It is important because most of insurance company want proof from police report

Insurance Policy

  1. Save all bills you receive about the accident. You also need to write about your lose and put it on the folder. Contact your medical provider to know about your insurance information.
  2. Look at the billing procedures. Make sure your health care provider is in network. You will have problem if your health care provider fails to bill in the time.
  3. Get help from insurance agent. They will help you to claim all your loses.
  4. Don’t be passive while claim. You need to escalate things. You can file a complaint to make they work fast for your claim.
  5. You must hire a personal injury attorney. It is important because they are familiar with most medical billing procedures. It can save you time and money.
  6. If the insurance company denied your entire claim, it is not final word. Push them because maybe it has personal injury protection coverage.
  7. Make negotiate to reduce the amount you owe.  If you have an attorney ,then he/she may be able to negotiate that with the medical provider.

That’s some of the tips if you have an accident. If you have any idea and tips, let’s share at the comment below. Your knowledge will be useful for this blog reader.

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