How to help Superstorm sand people

Okay, this is not really about financial matters but as a human we must have sympathy to others who caught with the natural disastor. Almost 33 people die and millions of people live without electricity and suffer with hunger from Maine to the Carolinas. There’s many homes being destroyed and hospital get many people to treat.
Maybe we can help them by doing this :-

1. One of the aid organizations are work to save the people is Red Cross. They started preventative campaign using SMS and sound truck to give early warning messages.
There’s also emergency responce teams to hand out relief supplies to more than 11,000 families that get affected to the natural disaster. Red Cros also released their app that allows users to track the impending storm, get direction to the nearest shelter, receive weather information and many more related sign. If you want to involve with RedCross, go to their website here

2. The Salvation Army also helping the people and providing thousands of meals. Th nonprofit organization is also provide hygiene kits, clean-up kits, first-aid supplies, shower units and communications support. They need a donors to provide this. For US people, you can contribute by text messaging the word STORM to 80888 and confirm the $10 donation. Your $10 could help them to provide free services to the people. To learn more about others help , you can visit their website here

3. NYC Service need volunteers. If you interest, click here

4. Feeding America supply food and water to communities in need. It has more than 200 food banks. You can donate at their website here

5. In this disaster, other than food and waters, there a huge amount of blood needed. To prevent shortages, the organization need at least 2,000 blood donations a day. To donate visit their website here

6. Save The Children is the organization focus on children need. It provides child kits including diapes and hygiene item. It also make a disaster planning , emergency preparedness, response and psychological support. You can donate at their website

7. There’s an organization from military veterans called Team Rubicon. The organization using their skills to assist in responding to and recovering from natural disasters. The team are assisting the city’s Emergency Operation Center. You can donate at the website here

8. The International Medical Corps also have teams with emergency kits, fuel and flashlights and mobile medical units on standby. Learn more at their website here

Reference :- Huffingtonpost

There’s other organization provide help for those people but beware the scam. You need to check the organization before make a donation to avoid your money not getting to the sufferer.

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