How To Make Money by Driving for Uber

Sometimes we are just not making enough money to get by. Whether it be that you just lost your job, have been unemployed, or are just looking for a side hustle, Uber can be a viable option in helping you make a little extra cash. If you have never heard of this before, Uber is an ever-growing driving service, similar to a taxi, but thought to be more efficient. When in need of a ride, just pick up your smartphone. Once you download the Uber app, you will be able to grab a ride on a whim, night or day. With extensive driver and vehicle screenings, you can be assured that you will be riding in a safe environment. While riding is fun, driving for Uber can be even better.
If you are in need of some extra cash, consider driving for Uber.

What are the requirements and how do I apply?
In order to work for Uber, you must initially pass two sets of requirements.

Car requirements:1. A car that is 2001 or newer. (However, be sure to check your local city requirements as this sometimes varies)

2. No marked, salvaged, or taxi cars.

3. Plates that are in-state.

4. A four door sedan. The vehicle needs to seat four passengers maximum, excluding driver. 5. A passing score on the Uber vehicle inspection check.

6. A registered, in-state car, however there is no need for your name to be on the registration.

Personal Requirements:

1. A valid, in-state drivers license.

2. No criminal history.

3. No DUI history.

4. No drug history.

5. No history of driving without insurance or license.

6. No history with fatal accidents.

7. A social security number.

8. In-state car insurance, in your own name.

9. A clean driving record.

10. A passed background check.

11. You are age 21 or up.

12. You have three years of driving experience. Or you may be 23 with one or more years of experience.
As you can see, the list for working with Uber is extensive. However, many quite often fit the bill. If you check all the marks, you are the perfect candidate for driving with Uber! Now, you will need to move on to the application process. To do so, you will need to head over to their site and fill in a sign up form. You will need to do so by first filling in your basic information. This includes you name and contact info. Afterwords, you will need to provide some more detailed info such as your background check and payment information.

What do I do once I’m cleared to work for Uber?
You are first going to need to have the Uber app on your phone. It’s recommended to keep a charger with you at all times as your phone will be the source for all of your incoming jobs. Once your app says that you are a approved driver, you are ready to hit the road! In order to find clients, check out the map on the application. This will show all nearby ride requests. Tap on a request to accept and make your way to that passenger. It’s important to do so in a timely, yet safe, manner.

Does Uber have a rating system?

Yes, Uber has a very prominent rating system. In order to ensure that their drivers are being prompt, kind, and classy, passengers will rate their experience with you as their Uber driver. A good rating allows for more prospective passengers. However, consistently poor ratings may result in a termination with Uber. Not only may the passengers rate their Uber driver, but you can rate your passengers as well. You may rate the passenger on factors such as being ready when you arrive and providing a correct pick-up location. Rating passengers allows Uber drivers to know which requests to accept.
What are the benefits to working with Uber?

Not only will you make extra dough, but you have the ability to be your own boss by completely setting your own schedule. You may choose to work as little, or as long as you desire. Uber runs at all hours, so whether you are a night owl or a early bird, there is a shift for you. Uber is also frequently coming up with more benefits for their drivers. For example, you may qualify for health insurance, financial assistance, or phone plans. Uber also offers fuel programs and free music as well.

How much can I really make driving for Uber?

Like most free-lance based jobs, you make as much as you work and put in to the job. However, there are rates that factor into payments. For example, fares vary by city. However, if you lived in Los Angeles, the fare will be 15 cents a minute and 90 cents per mile. With that being said, the longer the ride, the higher the payout. As of last year, Uber has reported that their consistent workers make an average of 25 dollars an hour.
With the ability to set your own schedule, be your own boss, and make a handful of extra cash, many choose to turn to Uber for employment. Whether you are looking for a second job, or willing to try it out full-time, Uber works with any schedule. If working for Uber sounds like your type of job, go ahead and sign up. You will soon be on your way to a healthier income, and a more stress-free lifestyle.

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