How to make money from your home without selling it

Do you know that you can earn more money from your home without selling it. Before you think of selling your property to gain money, let’s read some of the method on how to make money without selling it:-

1) If you still in loan, try refinancing. You could gain some extra money. Make a good investment and you could make profit from the money. It is also possible you can pay your loan early than the term if your investment successful.

Home Mortgage Refinance

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2) Rent out your spare room or home. It is a trend now to rent only a small room. Mostly it is for short term rent.

3) Rent out your your drive or parking space. For those who have a space for parking it is a great way to earn some extra money. Make a space for rent for those who don’t have enough parking.

4) Sell energy back to the grid or provider by installing solar panel. You can gain extra money and save your energy too.

5) Rent out your home for filming or photo shoot. It can be done if your home is really good decoration and unique. Many film maker could suggest to their clique if your home good for filming or photo shoot.

6) Host student if you live near a university, this is your chance to rent out a room to a student. Some of them only used room for sleeping only. It is not much problem for you.

This design is good for university student

7) If you have garden, you can rent out part of your garden as an allotment. It is an easy way to make money.

8) Rent out storage space in your house. If any company want to park their product nearest your house it is a chance for you to earn some bucks.

9) If you have experience of looking after pets,then you can make pet boarding. Nowaday this become a great business as many people will put their pet in shop.

10) Sign up to Airbnb. You can rent rooms or the whole house to earn extra income. Homestay also a good option if you not live there.

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That’s 10 point on how to make money from your home without selling. So better don’t sell it. The extra money you earn must be used to pay your mortgage. Put into a specific account and don’t spending it. If your mortgage is finish, you can use the extra money for other expenses such as housing tax, fee and etc.


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