How to prevent from credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is one of threat for credit card user. It will make user and provider loses. Credit card provider always pay attention and develop high security to prevent this fraud.

What is Credit card Fraud

The fraudulent use of a credit card account through the theft of the account holder’s card number, card details and personal information, through a wide variety of methods in order to perform unauthorized transactions from the compromised account.

Source: Business Dictionary

Even though, there’s a chance for fraud to steal money from credit card user. This is some tips to take care your credit card :-


How to prevent from credit card fraud

1. Signature your credit card after receive using non-erasable ball-point pen.. Always read about their term and condition before put your signature.
2. Keep your credit card in the same wallet. It is important because you will be notice the existence of your credit card. Remember, your credit card is as good as cash. Please ensure the credit card is with you at all material times.
3. Never lend your credit card to other’s. Your credit card should be used exclusively by you.
4. Never give your credit card information to other’s because they can use it for online purchasing.
5. Remember your PIN number and never write behind the card or your wallet. It is very dangerous. Change your PIN regularly for precaution.
6. Save your credit card provider.

| Guarding against credit card fraud |

7. Remember to cut your expiry credit card.
8. Check your transaction credit card carefully.
9. Save transaction slip and compare with your credit card statement.
10. Please ensure you mutilate the magnetic stripe and chip by cutting the card and chip into halves before returning it back to the Bank

During Transaction

  1. Check to ensure that 2 sales slips are printed for each transaction. The signed sales slip will keep by the merchant and a copy is given to the cardholder.
  2. Before signing any sales slips, you must ensure that your name, credit card number and amount transacted are in order/ accurate.
  3. Ensure your credit card and not someone else’s, is returned to you after a purchase using your credit card.
  4. Make sure your credit card is returned to you promptly after a purchase.
  5. Keep the customer copy of your sales slips for future reference.
  6. Do not disclose your credit card information to unknown persons or third party over the phone.
When you sign your application for a credit card, you're agreeing to the terms and
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