How to Protect From Debit Card Fraud

Debit card is another new method for us to spend. Some of us don’t know that there’s many fraud of debit card. It ain’t easy to detect debit card fraud. But there’s 9 basic method to protect :-


1. Know about your transaction. Always check your account with bank. Using banking online or check at ATM.. You also can get banking alerts by signing from your bankers.
2. Never expose your bank statement and debit card receipt.
3. Avoid purchase goods with debit card. Use credit card instead of debit card.
4. Use bank ATMs rather than use in petrol station, convenience store..
5. Throw away yours old debit cards if you have it.
6. Make sure your money not just in one bank. Separated it to prevent from lose all money..
7. Always beware the transaction you doing online. There’s many phishing scams using email to steal your money.
8. Your computer must have protection to prevent from virus, hackers. Get best firewall protgam, anti-virus and anti-spyware software. You must update it regularly for your safety.
9. Never do online banking while use computer in public such as at cybercafe, open wifi . Secured network is a must if you still want to do financial online.

That’s 9 ways to protect yourself from being fraud. Make sure you always beware usage of your debit card because theft more clever now. So beware and always be safe. Never get trapped to the scammer.  There’s no thing safest but you can avoid from losing much more money.


Most of us have either debit card or credit card for our financial life.  It

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  1. I already own my first debit card for almost 1 year. Doing on-line transaction must be aware and alert and not doing any purchase if it from doubt link

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