How To Save Money On Car Repairs – Know The Basics

Most people would agree that some car repairs hit you all of a sudden unless you are regularly servicing your car to prevent surprises. To save on car repairs you need to have some auto knowledge otherwise a wheeler-dealer mechanic will find a dozen things wrong with your car that happens while trying to find the problem. The best way to increase your auto knowledge is to read your vehicle’s manual.

Not only will a dodgy mechanic charge you to ‘find’ the problem, but they will charge you for parts, shipping of the parts, and working on your car to fix all the ‘problems’. They may also give you a friendly call and upsell you on some recommended services to keep your car in good condition. These upsells can be best be described as services you can get but don’t need, e.g At McDonald’s the shop assistant will ask do you want fries with that? You bought a Coke and a burger, fries are a side order, you don’t need them but for the taste.

To minimize these upsells, there are some repairs that you can do yourself. These include replacing windscreen wiper blades, changing the air filter, putting distilled water in the car (for windscreen wipers, you need to check this regularly), replacing the car battery, if you can manage it, and inflating your car’s tires to manufacturer’s recommendations(this can be done at the gas station). If you are unsure of how to do any of these tasks, read your vehicle’s manual and YouTube is also a good resource. You could ask the auto repair shop, but it is likely that they will tell you to bring your car in for a service and they will do it for you for a fee.

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Ignoring glass chips in the windscreen can be a huge error as this can be fixed for a small fee. When driving on bumpy roads large cracks could form in your windscreen leaving you with no other option other than to replace the windscreen at a large expense. You can buy a kit and do this yourself or you can get it done by an auto shop. The kit only costs about $20, but some auto shops will charge you under $100 to do the job.

Apart from emergency repairs, for one reason people get their car serviced is to have the oil changed. Many people believe that this needs to be done every 3,000 miles. This was the standard advice many years ago. With technological advances in manufacturing motor vehicle engines and engine oils, the standard is now placed within the region of 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

Oil quality is something that motivates people to buy high mileage oil or super oil but the truth is that it is marketing. There is no need to buy special oil. The regular oil will do the same job as the high mileage oil, any benefits of buying high mileage oil are placebos.

Even if you drive a popular car, many auto shops will state that they need to order in parts from the supplier. Not only do you need to wait an extended period for your car to be repaired but you will be charged for parts interpretation, shipping, the parts, and for the mechanic to install them. But you do have the option to save on some of these charges.

This option includes asking your mechanic to email you a list of the parts required. Depending on where you live, some retail auto outlets will carry the parts required, and by buying the parts yourself you can buy them at a non-premium discounted price. Besides, you won’t be paying for shipping or parts interpretation, and the only costs you will need to pay are for the parts and the mechanic’s labor.

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The question of whether you should use an auto chain store or a local mechanic is something many people consider. The thing is auto chain stores like all commercial chains get you in the door with a cheap auto service for $10 – $20 and upsell you from there. This is in their marketing plan.

The local store is also in business to make money but there are honest people in the world who will be grateful for your business and will look after you every time you do business with them.

Saving money on repairs comes down to good choices. Mainly a good auto shop mechanic who wants to keep you as a customer and will be happy to advise you about your car and what you need to do to keep it in good condition, without upselling you on extra ‘problems’.

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