How to survive and stay long in stock market

How to survive and stay long in stock market.

1. Focus on consistency. Not having a huge win then after that slowly lossing it back to market. In the end loss a big one to market including your capital. You rather miss the ride than having a wrong stock and face huge losses. Never ever focus on those hot stocks that everyone talks about it. Ride on rumours then sell before news out.

2. Control your own greed. FA good doesn’t mean can fly until never stop. Partially take profit whenever it hit your target and set trailling stop whenever you at comfortable level.

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3. Mindset control in stock market is the most important tool needed. How to cutloss loss whenever you face huge losses. Ask yourself how much you can bear with it. Even if FA good or TA bad. You can average down but you might need to take bigger risk.

4. Don’t ever get in love with certain stocks. You might end up lossing everything you earned back to the same stocks. Especially those heavy frying stocks and everyone talks about it. Whenever there’s certain people earned big in that stock, surely there’s certain people lossing big in that stock.

5. This world is always unfair, stock market is always unfair and common sense doesn’t apply in it. Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis is always a tool for reference only. These two help you to make better decision only. You will never know what happen next. Don’t be ego in stock market. Even if you are operator or rich man in real life. Everyone is the same in stock market. Everyone have the risk to face losses.

Share this out to those who are new to stock market. Be fear whenever people is greed. Be greed whenever people is fear. However, how many can achieve this ? By talking is easy, action is the one that change your life. No matter how good is your knowledge in both TA and FA. Whenever market is bad or collapse, fear happen in everywhere. Are you the one willing to take action? Ask it in your mind, can you achieve that ? Get more experience in stock market. Do not afraid of losses in your starting journey of investing or trading.

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