I want to build a startup

Today, I just think to build a startup. Why? Because I think it is time to start a different thing and get ready to upgrade myself.
What project I’ll be doing? It is about a website project. Am I still willing to start another project after bunch of fail project?
Yes, I’ve list of my failure project but mostly it failed because of myself. I’m blamed myself because not doing enough effort on my project.
Mostly, the project not finish and just 20% of progress. One of my project that costly me, is pineapple farm which is I’m regret to do it. Hopefully, this latest project could be done 100%. If still fail, it is a great failure among others project but I want to success.

What I want to build ? My startup is about a website that could handle tenant and renter system. Why this idea come ? It is because I’m work on housing system which is related. Eventhough it is organization project but I think it could be done for individual.
In Malaysia, I’ven’t heard any website that handle online system that related on tenant and renter. Mostly, it is about on to find the available house to rent and finished. No management or interaction between renter and tenant on the website.

That’s the reason I think this could help tenant and renter. Mostly it will help tenant because they will have database about renter and could manage it. They could also know which house still not paid and also can do some basic account system on the website.

How to get profit from the website? Maybe some of you will ask the question. In 1st year, it will hard to get profit but I’m predict that this website could make money. The user(tenant) will pay RM100 for yearly fee for a house/shop. It is cheap because it means less than RM10 per month using this system.
We also will offer discount if they used for more than 5 house/lot. Am I losing money by doing this? No, if my calculation right cost for domain and hosting not more than RM500 so I could get profit if more than 5 house/shop sold the fee.
Other than that, we can generat income by having related advertising at the website.

But it is not as easy like I’ve write. The biggest challenge is to get partner and developer.

The developing process will need more money. I’m not a programmer and my knowledge about coding is low but I’ve known some software developer to hire. To hire them is not cheap. In my experience if I’m hire them, the cost will be around RM40K-RM50K which is high for me as my company capital is only RM1K.
So, what will I do? I’m offer sharing profit with the software developer company. Still don’t have any decision yet because their boss is on holiday. I need to have plan B. Other than doing joint venture with the company, I’ll need to do using my company. My uncle is one of important person in IT field in Malaysia.
Maybe I could do JV with him. I think it is not hard for him to find any software company to do this project. But it is my second choice. Firstly, I want to do collaboration with company that I know.

Others problem is marketing. Without marketing, this system couldn’t be heard by people. I know some of internet marketing such as Facebook Ads, Google Adword, Nuffnang that could help to boost exposure for this website. I’m also know some of popular property marketer that could become our model. His testimony could exposure the website.
Negative thinking also a big problem. Before this, I’ve propose this idea from one of software development company but he said it is small market. Maybe yes, maybe not. I won’t think I could grab 1 Million or 100,000 user. It is enough if I could grab about 1,000 tenant that using this system. Maybe it will take 1-2 years to get the amount but it could become bigger and bigger.
If success, I want to enhance other project because I’ve got another idea. I want to do joint management building (JMB) system for management corporation (MC) online. I think there’s a huge opportunity because most people don’t want to own system. It is enough for them to use the system online and it could be access everywhere rather than buy system that only can be used at his/her computer only.

How about that? Do you interested in my project? Or do you want to collaboration with me?

One of the best traits of technology is how it plunges the world of business
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