If I could buy shoplot near my residential area

In my residential area, there’s many unused shoplot( I used unused because don’t know if the unit has been sold or not).
It is waste because still empty without any business. My residential area not busy like town but I think there’s a possibility to buy shop lot.

Okay, it is just a dream and not reality as I don’t have any capital but if I get enough money I’ll think it could become an investment to buy shoplot.

As I’ve heard from some liable source, the shop lots price is around RM400K. It is quite big amount because I’m not an entrepreneur or big guy investor.
But I think buying 10 shop lots is a good investment for the future if there’s a proper planning even though the area not busy. My plan if I could grab 10 shop lots is :-

1) 4 lot I’ll buy office lot. 1 lot will be used for my company. I don’t need big lot, just for me and 5 staff only. There no need to get more lot. Other’s lot I’ll using it as Virtual Office. People can rent the office based on hour or day. It is good for freelance or company that don’t need real office for long term.
I’ve read about this concept at US Small Business Administration. It is one way for this company to still have office without even manage it. They just need address (for postal letter) , telephone line, operator, fax..
It is great if I could do this. Not just for profit but also could help small company such as freelances. It is good as they could cut cost by rent an office for short term only. I also could make profit as the fee is by hour and not day. The cost of maintenance could be cut because most of them not used it for long time/

2) If possible, I’ll rent another office lot to some lawyer agency. Some of lawyer agency don’t need big office. Or I’ll make a meeting room for rent or training centre. There’s many people do their course at hotel which is costing. They could rent this room in cheaper cost.

3) 3 lot will be rent to bank institution. In that area, there’s only ‘Bank Islam’. I’ll try to approach whether “Hong Leong Bank”, “Public Bank”,”Bank Muamalat”. Other’s bank such as Maybank, CIMB, BSN has located nearest the area but I’ll try to approach them transfer to this area.

4) Others 3 lot will be rent to entrepreneur. It is not easy to find the good entrepreneur. For me, there’s an opportunity to make a business there. In my opinion, computer store, housing tools, small college could be opened in that area.

If my calculation right, the cost is around RM4million for this thing. Okay, this is just a dream. If I can’t do it, hopefully there’s a people can make it happen. Alright, thanks for your patient to read this article.

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