I’m a father now : What to plan ?

How are you ? It’s been a long time since last time I wrote article on yourfinancialblog.com. This week there’s big stories for me as my wife give birth to my first baby. It is great news and there big challeng for us in the future.
Before this, our expenditure maybe only for 2 but we need to spare for our lovely baby. The cost to raise children is expensive now but it is our responsible for him.


As a father, I need to plan for my children expenses. Not for short term only but for long term also. This is some of my plan :-

1) Create his insurance account. It ain’t cheap but it is a must now as medical expenses is not cheap. I’m still searching the best insurance for kids and hopefully it won’t cost more than RM200 per month.
2) Try to finish my PTPTN loan as soon as possible. It could help me to save money for my baby.
3) Buy used goods for kids instead buy new one such as kids trolley and others.
4) Be more consistency in saving. I need to have an account just for kids. Maybe I will create ‘Tabung Haji‘ account for my kids. I know there’s some issue on Tabung Haji this week but I think it is the best saving that our country have now.
5) Find a babysitter nearest. My wife is working and I need to find babysitter in next 4 months. It ain’t cheap but it is a must. One of criteria is must be over 40 years old and have experience to raise baby.
6) Earn more money especially from blogging. Hopefully I will write more often at yourfinancialblog.com and you also often read this blog. Increase this blog traffic and earn some money especially from those who click at yourfinancialblog.com third party advertisement.
7) Aim to retired early. I’m target to retire as early in my 40s. I want to see how my child growth. It ain’t easy as I need to have income eventhough I’ll retire. One of my target income source from yourfinancialblog.com , ebook and some of my next properties.

Okay, that’s some of my plan. Maybe there’s many plan that need to do. If you have any suggestion, let’s say in the comment box below.

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