Infographic : How to spend your bonus wisely

Now is December and some of us will get their annual performance bonus at work. How to spend it ? Here are spending suggestion from AKPK

1) For those with school going children, prepare your children for the new academic year with back-to-school shopping with the purchase of school uniforms, textbooks and stationery. Do not forget to put aside a sum of money for their tuition fees, exam fees, school bus as well as contribution to the Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru (PIBG) of their respective schools.

2) We look forward to festive seasons yearly but are worried about the price tag for the celebration. Why not start ahead and prepare some money for next year’s celebration?


3) Refresh your body with a vacation. Start planning early for next year’s trip and put some money aside towards the holiday.

4) Reduce your debts by paying off some of your borrowings. If possible, settle the outstanding amount.

5) Invest some money in a legitimate scheme which is compatible with your risk appetite.

6) Save money – build your emergency funds for rainy days.

7) Come year-end, malls have sales and offer many discounts. When you do go shopping, remember to be moderate in your spending and look out for the best deals.

Look at the picture below :-
spend your bonus

Credit Picture :- AKPK

Bonus , it is a great news from our boss.  When we being told that
Image Source :- Clipartguide Have you received your bonus? . Some of company will give

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