Interview Tips for Snagging Investment Banking Jobs

The investment banking sector is ripe with applicants who are mostly business students wanting to work in major banks. If you are a recent graduate, you might want to prepare yourself in advance, so you don’t freeze during your first few interviews. Standing tall against the sea of applicants is your only chance to make it big, so you cannot afford to be lazy when it comes to interview preparation. You must bring into play these commands to get geared up for your big break-

  1. Be Technically Sound

Go through your notes and books before the interrogation and coach yourself on the main aspects of the business so that you will be ready to answer whatever questions will be asked. Right from leading questions that ask you in what ways you will assess the significance of a corporation, the perks of using bonds over equity when in need of funds and even the results of a depreciation account being created for the current quarter.

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No one likes to hire a candidate who is dumbstruck when tested about things they learnt in business school. Providing wrong answers is just as bad, so you need to come across as technically sound.

  1. Research the Job Profile

There can be nothing more insulting to the employer than to learn that you have stepped in not knowing or caring what the profile is about. You will not only have to show them that you are proficient in the common practices of investment banking, but also be well acquainted with the duties the chosen candidate will have to perform within the organisation.

  1. Familiarity with a Debt: Equity Ratio


Most financial institutions deal in equity and debt, so expertise with them will help you boost the amount of debit the company’s capital structure holds. You need to assure your interrogator that you’re aware of the fact that tax deductible of interest payments make debts an inexpensive way for finance. All the same, upping the amount of leverage brings better interest pay outs, which can very well, lead to your organisation’s bankruptcy. Show them that you understand the way to strike the right balance.

  1. Hone your Verbal Skills

Knowing the matter, but not being able to present it well enough is in vain. You need to hone your verbal skills and work on your confidence, so you can get past the initial fear and voice your opinions and answers. Most candidates fail to do so and miss out on opportunities in spite of being technically sound.

  1. Acquaint yourself with the Bank’s History


Taking a look at the past workings of an organication can tell you a lot about it. Focus on the deals the institution has done in the past, so you can effectively answer queries pertaining to its current workings as well as the economy and financial markets.

Finally, finding job openings in investment banking is in itself a huge task; therefore, you must ensure that you don’t squander away an opportunity. Being prepared is important; nevertheless, sign up at job portals and further your search for new openings.

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