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Hello. Today I just wrote about my next target. Yeah, it is one of my source to become next millionaire in midlife . Agriculture business is not an easy way to make money. It need good planning, strategy and implementation.
I’ve go to related agency about agriculture and the officer really like my planning. He said that modern agriculture is to make it as a business. Not just like other traditional money. He also keep telling us how many people become a rich people in agriculture business. He give one example of young success farmer that near in my village. The boys is only 25 years old but he can manage a 15 acre farm and 9 workers. Not just farm, he also have goat for the business.
It keep me motivational. Yeah, if the 25 years old boy can succes in agriculture field, why can’t I (34 years old) success too? I know there’s many resistance that I need to go because agriculture is not a business in aircond office. There’s many gallon of sweat will going out from my body. Of course, there’s a risk when business but it is a must to success. No risk won’t make you succes.

This is my first time to involved in such big business. Before this, I just make a small business that required small amount of money and commitment. In agriculture business, I will spend much money and more commitment. The planning has been made and before plant something I must need to do this :-

1. What I want to sell/grow? Okay, I’m with partner has decided to plant pineapple. Eventhough I’m not really like to eat pineapple but it has prospect. And the best part is there’s a government agency that support this type of fruit.
2. Get a capital. I’ve collect money for capital and hopefully it is enough.
3. Get a land. I’ve get a land from my friends about 2.7 acre. It will lease and agreement must be make for future.
4. Get an equipment. Okay, it is still not enough. We’re in planning phase and need to meet with the agency that will help us.
5. Targeting for harvest. Pineapple harvest is around a year and we’ve decided to include a corn that for short term plant.
6. Marketing. Yeah, marketing must be made. I’ve found some contact from agency that could get the pineapple. I’ve also searching contact from factory that can buy it. I also get a contract farming from the agency.

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One day, I will get this tractor too

There’s many more to make. Hopefully this project could be success and my dream to become millionaire will come true. Oo.. If you want to know whether I’m success or not, you can follow This blog not just write about my ambition but also give news and informative article about financial. You can learn and help me to achieve dream to become millionaire by follow and tell your friends about this friends.. Help me please.
If you have any idea about agriculture business, let’s share with me. Maybe you can give some idea at comment or email at poorbloggerz [at]
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