It takes two years to becoma an addict to gambling

Gambling is a bad habit and could make you lose money, find a loan shark and many negative impact. Nowaday, there’s many type of gambling including betting using online method. The root of this negative habit is ‘greed’. Many people being greed and trapped of this sin.
Gamblers Rehab Centre (GRC) Malaysia president Mosco Ang said the increase in gambling addiction among youth could be attributed to the availability of multiple gambling organisations, the Internet football gambling circles, slot machinges and the accessibility of those providing funds.

He also said that althougn gambling may seem innocent at first, it takes only two to four years for the habit to becoma an addiction. There’s many cases where people commited suicide because they can’t handle pressure because their loans too high and they can’t settle it. Not just they take risk, sometimes their families also involved in the gambling addicts problem.
Many gamblers borrowed from loan shark and the burden being put into their families. It is not fair.

We need to educate youth before they leave school. They need to have knowledge about the negative impact of gambling as they are vulnerable and a re prone to this addiction. GRC is focused on activities that bring this message to schools and colleges. The aim is to teach the young to say ‘no’ to gambling as it will prevent disorders in families and promote a healthier lifestyle for generation to come.


Reference : New Sunday Times

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