I’ve escaped to pay tax , Yourfinancial being hacked?

Today, I’ve just get new experienced about tax. I’ve went to LHDN office at Ayer Keroh, Melaka to do e-filling. For your information, I’ve never do it before. Isn’t it weird as I’ve work more than 10 years but that’s reality. I’m a bit lazy to go LHDN office even though it is only 2 kilometre from my office.

I’ve go to LHDN office with my officemate and bring EC form (for government they provide EC form while private sector using EA form). After the officer in front desk give me the PIN number, I’ve need to fill my information in e-filling form at second floor. The system is not hard but the information is a bit hard. I’ve put my annual salary amount, put the insurance I’ve paid and luckily the balance is 0.00. It means I don’t need to pay for tax this year. It is great news as I’ve heard that my boss need to pay almost RM8,000. It is a huge amount of money and he pay in schedule. Hopefully, I won’t get any tax as I will use money wisely. The trick is to pay more for zakat, buy sport shoes, buy educational book, go to seminar. I think that is a great way rather than pay tax.

I think I’ve some complained about the LHDN system. Not all taxpayer is familiar with computer. Some of them is old people but have money to be tax. I don’t know why the officer still need them to fill the form at the website. Pity for them as they need to do alternative way and I think maybe they will get fool from other’s computer literature people. Hope it won’t happen.

Other thant that, I’ve received an email that showed that some people interested to login yourfinancialblog. I don’t know if this email true or not. Hopefully they can’t login yourfinancialblog. Before this, I’ve found a weird article that I’ve not even write on this blog. After that I’ve changed my password and delete some unused user .


This week, I’ve think news about Fuel and Diesel Price announced weekly could effect my monthly budget. Just wait and see whether it is really could benefit user as they claim. There’s a rumour that petrol station owner also get bad impact on the announced. It is not a great news as I’ve many friend that own a petrol station. Maybe they could shut their business if this happen.

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