JK Rowling lost her billionaire status

Who don’t know JK Rowling? I think most of us know this billionaire from UK that famous of her magical book ‘Harry Porter’ fantasy series. From her novel, she become a billionaire and known around the world.This woman has a sad life before become famous but she still remembered her hard time. Now, she lost her status as ‘billionaire’


Look at the picture below.

JK rowling

Picture source :- FB Upworthy

That’s great. Even she lost ‘billionaire’ status but I don’t think it affect much on her finance. She still can live in rich style. Am I right?

p/s :- Next month, I want to find about JK Rowling journey before become a rich people. Do you have any suggestion book?

Okay this article is not suitable for me as I'm on 40s this year but
To become richer is our dream. It is also a great life if we got

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