Just finish PTPTN loan

It is a happy week for me as I just finish my PTPTN loan. Before this, the balance is RM300.** and I think I will pay RM150 for this month and finish for next month. Luckily, there’s some adding amount in this month salary.
So, I decide to finish it. I just found that it is good to settle this loan after almost 14 years. Now, I need to focuss on car loan that will be settle on next 2 years. It is not far away but I hope that I could settle it next year.
How to do it? I dunno know but with some proper planning, it is not impossible as long I keep on moving and find the solution.

Finish education loan is great and I know some of you facing big problem as PTPTN do some strict regulation now. Some of people can’t go oversea because their passport will be blacklist and some of them will get thousand cut from their salary.
The latest is your name could be in CCRIS system which is bad if you want to do financing. My advice, pay it first and consistently after you get your salary. Don’t take easy because it will haunt you. Nowaday, it is easy to pay PTPTN. There’s many branch in the state.
Not like at my time, only online and Post Office/BSN to pay. Sometimes we get frustrated as online system getting down. Within their branch, it is trusted. And for those payee, you can convert the conventional loan to Ujrah system which is much benefit as there’s more deuction.
In my situation, I’m not convert to Ujrah as my balance is below RM1,000 and I don’t like the system which I need to get to find older documents. After all, the important part is pay as the money from us could be use for other’s student.

Okay, that’s all. Hopefully you can settle your PTPTN too

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