Know How Mutual Fund Investment Can Help You in Getting Tax Benefits

People are always looking for various means that can help them in getting relief from taxes. Therefore, it is important to invest in plans that provide them tax efficiency.

It is obvious that those who do not have much knowledge about this subject might ask what a tax efficient investment means. Well, a tax efficient investment reduces the tax outgo on the returns obtained from the investment. The decreased taxes results in better earnings.



Today, people know very well that mutual fund investment is inherently tax-efficient. There are some mutual funds that are more tax efficient than others. You can take advantage of these investments to minimize your taxes on investments.

Do you know about the special tax benefits that makes these mutual funds more tax efficient than others? Well, some of the mutual funds score over other funds when it comes to such benefits.

Tax benefits mutual funds:

Mutual funds that comes with tax benefits are-

  • Debt funds
  • Arbitrage funds
  • Equity oriented balanced funds
  • Equity funds
  • Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS)
  • Gold ETFs


Whom do they benefit?

Every mutual fund has different characteristics and benefits different people when it comes to tax efficient investment.

In case, you do not have taxable income then it is better that you invest your hard earned money on debt funds rather than investing in Fixed Deposits. The debt funds will provide you more tax efficiency and better tax returns.

Arbitrage funds are considered as a better option than debt funds. The arbitrage funds obtain benefits in mispricing for the similar equity like cash and derivatives in different markets.

When you consider equity oriented balanced funds, then you will find that they are much better than the debt balanced funds. These funds are considered as the best way for allocating assets to a certain extent. You can do it yourself by investing in debt funds or in equity funds. It is so because you will get more benefits in reallocations then you do not have to bother about allocation of assets.

Equity funds are considered better than debt funds. These funds also scores over debt funds when it comes to dividends.

The Equity Linked Saving Schemes are the best option in comparison to other equity funds. Besides being the tax saving schemes, they also provide additional tax advantages. These are similar to other diversified equity funds, but they have different benefits.

People believe that investing in gold is a better option, but this is not the fact. If you are looking for short-term gains then investing in Gold ETFs would be the best choice. Investing in gold ETFs has many tax benefits and hence people are choosing this option over gold for investment. You can visit the website that provides information related to this context, which gives you a fair idea about this kind of investment.

In short, mutual fund investment has many tax benefits that can help you in reducing the tax burden on the returns.

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