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There’s many scam make by people want to steal our money. The fraud is booming involving mortgages, investments and Internet. The schemes make billion a year and make this illegal become popular. International Mass-Marketing Fraud Working Group has make research and found this latest scam for us to avoid

1. Cutting bills by $1,000 a year using solar energy.
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The new scam using solar panels or windmills as their source. It is true that solar energy could reduce electric bill but making the solar panel not cheap. It is equivalent of paying 30-40 years of electricity in advance. Just wait untill a couple of years when the price of solar device is decrease and you can use it.
The scam can be done because consumers unfamiliar with the technical. Some of contractors said they will put the solar panel and you need to pay big deposit. They may put some panel that lookalike solar panel but not really can’t use. If you really want to use the solar energy system, refer to expertise or related government agencies.

2. Remove the virus for $100
You get some calls somewhere that told you they from trusted company like Dell or Microsoft. They told that your computer infected with latest virus and need to remove it. For this service you need to pay $100. Not all computer owner is expertise (including me) and it is easy for them to scam to you. To make it worst, the technical person may also install some software to hack and hijack your computer.
To protect yourself, buy a original antivirus at authorized dealer. Always get advice from them rather than anybody claim they from trusted company.

3. Confirm the flight reservation
You didn’t make any flight reservation but you get notification at your email with the attachnment. If you click attachment, you migh download malware that designed to take control of your computer. It could cause virus and they try to steal your financial information. Never ever open email from bank, company with attachment that you never do business with them.

4. You’ve just won a gift card
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A new style to make you gone from your house. The burglar will break in your house while you’re gone to claim the prize.

5. Facebook app
There’s many new Facebook app such as ‘who views your Facebook profile’ . The link will go to fake facebook website and asked you to like the app. It will collect personal information and opinions.Never reveal your personal online to anyone without knowing who he/she is.

6. Cut credit card interest rate
There’s an organizer implying that he/she affiliated with your credit card issuer. They offers to reduce your interest rate but there’s a service fee and you must fill out a financial profile form with details information. It is such a scam and you can do it free by direct contact with credit card issuer.

7. $17.50 an hour job
Recruiter will looking to fill positions and conduct job interviews. Candidates will fill out the application with their detail information. Job scams also involve work at home scheme. The biggest problem is ID theft. Never give personal information and don’t participate in online pop quizzes that ask your identity.

Source :- Yahoo Finance

That’s some of the scam. If you read all the article from above link, you will surprised because there’s many scam around us. Just beware and avoid to become a victim.

Nowaday, many people getting lost their money from online. Not because business or buying transaction
Okay, after writing about hottest scams in Malaysia, now I share another new method to

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