Left RM19 after PTPTN salary cut

It is a quite shocked issue about the PTPTN salary cut. Let’s read this story from Free Malaysia Today


PETALING JAYA: The image of a civil servant’s salary slip depicting her net income as merely RM19, after having more than RM2,000 automatically deducted as repayment for her study loan, has gone viral on social media.
The unfortunate civil servant, Batrisyia Fauzan, uploaded the picture of her salary slip on her Facebook account, explaining she had previously been informed of the Corporation’s plan to locate all National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loan defaulters by the end of the year, but did not expect for it to actually happen to her.
“Remember back in August when I talked about this PTPTN issue. At the time, I went to pay part of my defaulted payment. I mentioned that the officer informed me of a massive end-of-the-year operation to locate all borrowers.

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She said the officer had told her then that all loan defaulters had until November to restructure their loan payment, failing which a deduction would be made according to a rate they set.
“Apparently, they were serious. Our WhatsApp group was buzzing over this matter. Schools are about to reopen. It’s a shame to deduct up to the point where I was left with RM19,” wrote Batrisyia.
She advised others who had yet to make their repayment to do so immediately, and shared her own experience of how after negotiations with PTPTN officers, her loan repayment amount had been reduced significantly, going from RM12,000 to less than RM6,000.
Meanwhile, PTPTN in a statement, urged civil servants who have never tried to settle their loans previously to immediately meet with any of the agency’s officers and restructure their payment by January 18 of next year.
It said that should any borrower fail to do so, a mandatory salary cut for overdue repayments would be implemented based on the outstanding amount of the loan.

It’s a shock news. They make this drastic action. Fortunately, my debt is only RM1,200. Hopefully they don’t cut my salary yet as I’ve plan to finish the total amount next month. If I got bonus and enough money, I’ll pay all the balance. Pray for me that I could get bonus next month and get some income from this blog.How about you? Do any of you or relatives get this bad experience? I don’t know how to look the balance from bank account if this happen to me.

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