Money can’t buy you happiness but it can provide you with freedom – Jillian Michaels

Have you heard the quote ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ ? Maybe you agree with the statement from nowhere.
Jillian Michaels, a millionaire trainer said in a statement at tv drama ‘ Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can provide you with freedom’.

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Michaels in his view, said that too much money can start to cause problems and become a pitfall for many people. While more cash doesn’t necesarily translate into increased happiness, knowing that you always have enough in the bank to take risk and pursue new opportunities offers invaluable peace of mind.
Money itself might not make you happier, but the flexibility to create the life you want can.

Source :- Business Insider

I’m totally agree with Michaels, it is not that we fear to losing money but we lose our freedom. Do you want to work in your retirement age? The freedom from being a salary man is more important as we don’t want to be scold in our old day. Do you agree?

Okay this article is not suitable for me as I'm on 40s this year but
To become richer is our dream. It is also a great life if we got

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