My 2015 Wishlist

This article is more personal entry but I think it is still good to share. Other than New Year resolution, new year wishlist also become one of our target.

It is important to have yearly wishlist as we will work hard to get what we wish.

Before going to 2015 wishlist, look again at my 2014 wishlist. Last year I want digital camera, Samsung ST150F but I’m still not buy it. Maybe my money is not enough to buy the camera. Others is television, Toshiba 32L1300U and I’ve achieved it sharing income with my wife. It is good television but not too smart. It is enough for me to watch some sports show.
The last 2014 wishlist is Sony Xperia Ion LTE. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the smartphone and just buying cheaper smartphone Lenovo A680. It is not powerful but still enough for me.

This is my 2015 wishlist :-

1) I want to change my car aircond compressor. It need to replace as my car aircond not working properly. After bringing to Perodua Service Centre, I need at least RM1,800 to get new MyVi aircond compressor. It is not small amount so I need to think how to get such amount of money. Saving from salary is not enough and I need to increase income especially from blog. Hopefully, could increase my blog income.

2) Buying another laptop, tabs for my work. My current laptop still working but I think there’s need an upgrade. I’m targetting to buy Lenovo Yoga Tablet that costly around RM1,500-RM2,000.
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10

Maybe it is possible to buy this year but not in the early year. Maybe I could by this gadget in the middle of 2015.

Do you want to buy Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 ? Buy it at below

3) Buying a Polo shoes. My last shoe I’ve wearing is Polo shoes. It is damage last year and I still not buy any new shoe. Maybe I can buy cheaper shoe but the quality is not good and it is only stand for 1-2 years but the Polo shoe is great. I’ve used it for almost 5 years.
Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Hanford Fashion Sneaker

4) Buy Curtain for house. Maybe it look not expensive but it cost more than RM100 for one curtain. It is about 5 curtain need to buy for my house. It cost much more money. The curtain needed to cover my sliding door and glass windows.

5) Buy things for my upcoming baby. Hopefully I’ve enough money to spend when my wife delivered baby in April/May. There’s many things to spend for baby .

|Baby products: Must-haves for the first year |
That’s my 2015 wishlist. Maybe there’s change in the future. How about you? Do you have any 2015 wishlist ? Hopefully you can achieve it.

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