My First Dividend from DRB Hicom stock market

Today, I just received my first dividend from one stock that I’ve bought last month. If you follow yourfinancialblog, you will know my first stock is DRB Hicom.

| Why I Choose DRB-Hicom stock as my first stock trade |

I’ve bought and sell it on 15th September. The ex title date is on 12 September and I’m qualified for the dividend entitlement.

Received RM5.00 DRB-Hicome EDividend

The amount is small, I just received RM5.00 but that’s a good start for me after lose around RM90.00 from that stock.
It is my experience in stock market and I need to learn more to gain knowledge and experience. My officemate has gain profit from his stock after selling it.
I think that I couldn’t follow his method. He is learning the chart and candlestick seriously while I Can’t catch what he said.
As an investor my target is for long term investment and I’m more like to reading information about the business. The fundamental, financial statement, cash balance and company performance is my target rather than predicatement on the chart.

My source information is :-
1) The Edge Market –
2) The Star Business –
3) Bursa MarketPlace –
4) KLSE Investor –
5) Telegram Group

My aim is to earn double profit from my investment before 3 years. It is such a long journey but I’m confident it could be reach. One of seminar that I’ve attend told us that we could become millionaire in 3 years if we could make sure the stock could gain profit at least 10% per month.
It is true? Dunno but I need to learn and learn everyday. Stock market is not gambling but on how we manage investment and learning about the stock market.

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