My first GST purchase

Today is 1st April 2015 and most of us discuss about GST. Many people talk about it. I don’t purchase any goods or service yet but my wife want top up her phone credit. I’ve using to buy instant prepaid top up and found it inclusive with 6% GST.

I’m really surprise as there’s news that Telco won’t increase their prize. The Customs GST director Datuk Subromaniam Tholasy in press statement said that telco should be maintained even after the GST came into effect.The increases took effect even as regulator Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) assured consumers that the prices of reloads will remain the same, despite admitting that the 6 per cent tax will be charged on top of the prices.



I want to buy RM10.00 top up but the available is inclusive with 6% GST which mean it increased to RM10.60. The amount look small but it could effect low income people that using top up many times. Hopefully the Customs could discuss with telco to prevent them from manipulated GST .


A people in Malaysia must remembered 1st April not because of the April Fool but
Hi.. I just found an interesting article from Telegram being sent by my friends. It

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