My life being a father : What expenses affect my finance ?

Hello all my lovely reader. It is a week that since my wife give birth to my first son. I’m so happy as I’m become father now. One of main reason to married has been achieved this year.
One week and I thought that my finance also changes. Luckily, I’ve prepared last 3 months especially fund for our baby (my wife son too). In last 3 months, my wife and I agreed to put RM200 in envelope that we called ‘baby money’.

After 3 months, the amount is RM1,000 (there’s a month that I couldn’t save RM200). It is still adequate to survive for this month. This is what I’ve done :-


1) Luckily I’m government servant and I’ve got benefit not too pay while my wife warded at General Hospital. This could save me a lot as if my wife went to private hospital it will cost at least RM2,+++. It is a such a huge amount for me.
2) As I’m used envelope system for my baby expenses, I know where the money go and how much money left. For a week, I’ve spend around RM300.00 for travel expenses, buying diapers and some goods for baby.
3) I’ve buy in bulk for diapers and some of his clothes.
4) I’ve got gift from officemate, neighbour, relative and some of my friends. The gift is related to baby goods. It could cost more than hundred ringgit.
5) My wife holiday for 3 months so I could save expenses on her car petrol. I think it save me around RM200-300 per month. I just drove her car to work.
6) Compare before buying. It is important because a cent could effect if we need to buy in big amount. For example, like diapers, milk and others baby good.
7) We’re also prepapred and planned for next 2-3 months when our baby will become bigger. I won’t buy much goods in 0-3 months as the baby will grow fast and his shirt won’t be last enough. Buying second hand also and option for goods such as baby trolley, baby car seat and others.
8) Learning and asking from experience people. It is important to know about baby from those who have baby. Luckily, my sister also have a 6 months baby so I’ve get advice from her.

It is still early to look at my finance but I hope my finance still stable and my son will bring fortune to my life. Thanks for reading this.

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