My Startup Project : Why tenant and landlord must have online system

If you remembered my previous entry, I’ve wrote that I’ve planned to build a startup.
Before writing about startup, let’s us refresh about the definition of startup.

What is startup?


Investopedia define startup as a young company that is just beginning to develop. It is usually small and initially financed and operated by a handful of founders or one individuals.
These companies offer a product or service that is not currently being offered elsewhere in the market, or that the founders believe is being offered in an inferior manner.

In the beginning, startup companies expenses tend to exceed their revenues as they work on developing, testing and marketing their idea. Their funding come whether by banks, or government sponsor or by grants from nonprofit organizations.

Okay, that’s a short description about startup. Back to the main article, why tenant and landlord must have online system.
For your information, my startup title is about ‘Rent Property System’. The system including website system and app phone system. The progress is still planning and one of the main point I need to find is why landlord and tenant need this sytem.

After doing some research this is my findings :-

1) It is important nowadays tenant and landlord communicate with each other using internet. To use email or chatting is old way. Sometimes, they can’t remember what they ask and answer. Within this system, they can get about their communication using this system. The communication will low and flexible.

2) Rent process is more systematic. Using this system, agreement could be reviewed. No need to send email and do adjustment from Microsoft word. Just do some click and typing and the property agreement could be done in a minute or an hour.

3) Landlord could manage the property finance easily. The system will send notice for tenant if they late in payment. It could be send by sms or email. No need call or paper. It could be a remainder for landlord and tenant as it could set automatically by system.
Landlord also could find which house is not profit (no tenant for long time) and do some analyst whether to continue or sale it. It could help landlord to manage their finance properly because we will provide accounting system (upgraded version).

4) If there’s a damage in the house, landlord could know as their tenant could send using the system. It could record and landlord could calculate the damage.

5) Tenant could use online payment and it will update automatically to their account. It is important to have prove payment rather than using old system.

6) The system also including app so whether tenant and landlord could using their phone/tablet to manage their system.

That’s just a short description about the reason why landlord and tenant must use my system. This is just planning but I can’t give all information because afraid that there’s people will copy my idea and bring to their system. Hopefully it could success and I could bring others idea.
Is there any similar system? If Yes, give the information to me.

One of the best traits of technology is how it plunges the world of business

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