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Hi.. Today post is maybe a bit weird. Not weird as it is show an amount of money. I need that amount as soon as possible. Am I have debt with shark lender? Is it that I need to get that amount money for any medical treatment? No, that’s wrong. It is my outstanding balance for car loans. The term period is next year which is I could save much money if I could settle it as soon as possible.

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If I used my schedule (bank schedule is May 2018) the loan could be finished on December 2017 but I wish that I could finish it before October 2017. Currently, I’ve paid RM500 per month which means I could only finish the payment on December 2017. So how could I finish early? One way is by your help, donate me some cent at my paypal zzarizi [at] or you help me to increase this blog traffic. But I don’t think you will help me. So the best way is to increase my payment . I’ve put some of my money into Maybank Fixed Deposited for 6 months. I hope I could gain around RM3++ which means I could shorten the loan into  November 2017. Other than that, after I’ve transferred to new house, the fee rent could be used to pay some car loan monthly payment. Or I wish that I could get bonus after  ‘Hari Raya’.

Is it hard to get RM4,310.00 ? I know some of you think it is a small amount but not for me. I still need to think and find it. It is important for me to finish early as my wife and I planned to have another child next year. Using the amount that I’ve could saved it could help me to prepare for next child.

It also give me debt freedom and can focus on housing loan. I’ve think to take part in some business such as vending machine to earn some passive income. As you can see, I’ve share many article about vending machine. It is not only for yourfinancialblog reader but also for me. I could use it for my reference when I took part in that business.

The journey to settle the loan car started aggressive from now. I know that I’ve lost much money because using the long term period loans (9 years). Honestly it is one of my mistake (other mistake is housing loan – 30 years) taking loan. Maybe it could give me lesson as longer loan means the bank grab more money from you.

Okay, that’s all for today. If you have any experience to settle car loan early, let’s share with me. If you want to donate, just share this article to your social media.


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