Not easy to hack payWave

This week, the news about our ATM paywave could be hacked has been spread over the internet. As we know, new ATM card has been used payWave which is using a wave to do transaction.

The news make us afraid(including me) as it could make us lose money without knowing it. But, there’s a good news as Information Technology consultant, Mohd Ridzman Azzahari give his opinion.

He said that while he did not rule out such a possibility, it would not be as easy as the card had high security features.


“The card is equipped with high security features including for payment using payWave in which each transaction made is unique,” he said.

Mohd Ridzman, who is also the managing director of Onemyr Awareness, a consultancy on cyber crimes, told Bernama this when commenting on a video clip making the allegations on the Internet and social media now.

“Based on Bank Negara reports, there were no complaints on thefts using payWave to date,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to Visa’s official website, the Visa payWave platform is based on secure EMV chip technology, which provides both data protection and transaction security via the use of keys and the latest encryption technology.

It said Visa payWave transactions are processed through the same, reliable payment network as EMV chip and magnetic strip transactions.

“We have designed Visa payWave to ensure that the cardholder is always in control. The retailer must first enter the purchase amount for approval and your card has to be held in very close proximity to the card reader (within 4 cm) in order for a transaction to take place.

“The terminal can also only process one payment transaction at a time,” it said. — Bernama


Hopefully this could become more secure for us as consumer. We don’t want our money being stealing especially without we don’t know how they do it. Maybe Bank Negara and the provider could make sure about the security.

How about that? Do you have any issue about the paywave technology?

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