Personal Finance for Dummies : Replace high cost cars

I think most of us have a car and it ain’t cheap. There’s a topic on personal finance for dummies book about car which advice us how to save on car expenses.
The main point on the book is not using the usual practice of leasing cars or buying them on credit. Most of us including me, using this method as we don’t have enough money to buy cash but Eric Tyson advice not to lease or buy credit unless we can buy using cash.


He also told us to not be fooled by that says buying a used car means lots of maintenance, repair expenses and problems. We need to do homework to buy a good quality used car. In his writing there’s a point how to replace high-cost cars and advice to sell expensive car and get something more financially manageable.
To rid of a car on a lease is a challenge but it can be done.

The way that he explained in the book is to keep cars to aminimum. He suggest to do carpooling or riding buses or trains to work. By leaving the driving task to someone else, the time can be used to reading or just relax on the way to destination.

Buy commuter passes help to reduce the cost of commuting. Many commuters have monthly passes that give discount for their customer.
Service car regularly also could saves as it reduces the chance that the car will break down.

That’s some point about replace high cost cars on ‘Personal Finance for Dummies‘ book. If you want to read it, buy at amazon on below link

I'm back again to share some great content from Personal Finance for Dummies book. This
Using computer to manage money is good way. It is best for performing routine task

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