Personal Finance Help – Tips To Start A Debt Free Life

Do you manage your debt or it  is managing you? We are used to being in debt that we never  consider if we are managing our debt correctly or its is totally out of our control. It is important at all income and age levels to know about debt management. Unfortunately we are not educated in this attitude at an early age. As a result most people now find themselves drowning in debt and living a life they cannot afford.  It establishes credit and helps keep your credit score respectable.
Not all debt is bad. There is also debt which is good such as to make an investment and produce income  activity or asset. The problems with debt comes from trying to live beyond capabilities and purchasing unnecessary luxury items. Once we snared by this trap, it seems to get a life of its own.. These are some common mistake when it comes to debt.

Mortgage – Buying a larger house than you need or can pay for.
Student Loans– Students are leaving schools with record amount of debt putting them in a terrible financial situation for years after they graduate.
Car Payments  – The same applies as the mortgage, continuously changing cars and buying more card than is needed.
Credit Card Debt– This is the biggest problem of all and the concept of instant gratification were we can buy now and worry about paying later. We do not understand that with interest rate being so high the bargains we buy are very expensive and could take years to pay. So we take more credit cards out to pay the other ones and end up with a noose around our neck.
Payday Lending – Now you really are a glutton for punishment if you go to one of these lenders.

Debt and Credit management should be taught at schools at an early age. It’s surprised that the people in  the early years using  smoke or drugs to run from the problem. It is wrong decision to make. The fact is that its never too late to get out from debt. There solutions such debt consolidation and debt settlement that can help you get back on your feet again. The solutions exist, it up to you to take the steps necessary to become debt free and have stability in finance.



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