Places not to used Debit Card

Most of us have either debit card or credit card for our financial life.  It looks same but there are different between them. There are many advantages and disadvantage using one of the cards. There are some revolutions to use debit card rather than used credit card. Debit card look better because you don’t need to credit but there’s a place where debit card is not suitable to use.

Places not to used Debit Card

1. Debit card not suitable for online use. The protections of debit card are still low and there are prospect to steal your money. Most of online shoppers used credit card because of lower than expected balance can cause additional fees.
2. Debit card not provide protection for big ticket item. Some credit cards offer additional property insurance to cover the valuable items purchase.
3. Some of highly store needed a deposit. It ‘s means you need to withdraw your money first.
4. Restaurant. There are many cases that the credit or debit information being stolen. It is most likely to use cash rather than card at the restaurant. Some restaurant will approve more than the purchase because intend to leave a tip.
5. The delivery later concept is dangerous to use debit card. A credit card can protect from dispute rights while debit card not.
6. Recurring payment is danger if you used debit card. They will charge your money form your bank account. Sometimes we won’t remember about the membership that we’ve terminate. Even we have prove with termination member letter but it ain’t easy to get money back.
7. Gas station also danger to pay using debit card. Some gas stations and hotels will holds for customer who may leaving without settle the entire bill.

That’s some place that you really need to care before used debit card.

Debit card is another new method for us to spend. Some of us don't know

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  1. Well hello , one thing I would add about using a credit card online is to never use it for a recurring payment. Unlike a direct debit, a credit card continuous payment leaves no traces in your account and thus its upto in the first instance the goodwill of the merchant to cancel this continuous credit card transaction.

    I know this from experience and will now always walk away from these types of agreements unless I know the merchant very well.


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