Porcelain Mosaic Tiles Buying Guide

Curious about how to add luxuriousness to your space? Here’s our ultimate guide to porcelain mosaic tiles, which are known as the gems of the tile world. The reason to create a blog on this topic is that the more you know about porcelain mosaic tiles in USA, the better you will choose the perfect one that suits your space’s personality. 

Overview of Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile but often presented separately from it. However, they both are made with the same process, but the porcelain is more rigid and durable than the ceramic. Porcelain is non-porous, scratch-resistant, and able to withstand the extreme temperature. If you want a remarkable effect on the floor, you should definitely opt for the porcelain mosaic tiles for floor tiles

Whatever your style or choice may be, you can count on a mosaic tile outlet containing a wide variety of tiles that can fit any style. 

Top Porcelain Tiles Designs 

The following are the alluring porcelain mosaic tiles designs 

Penthouse Porcelain Field Tile 

Make the entrance of the home more engaging with the penthouse porcelain field tile. This tile is the perfect balance between understated and impactful. If you want to increase the kitchen floor’s aesthetics, you should definitely go for a penthouse design. With mesh baking technique, you can easily install the kitchen tiles. 

Honeycomb Hexagon Mosaics 

Another attractive, and eye-appealing porcelain mosaic tile for the bathroom and kitchen floor is honeycomb hexagon. This design is the perfect addition to your next bathroom and kitchen renovation. It is pretty hard not to fall in love with a bathroom with white and black combination honeycomb hexagon mosaics tiles. 

Montauk 4×4 Porcelain Mosaic Tile 

 Incorporate the dark wood-like tile this one for an attractive effect. It is visually intriguing without being chaotic. If your kitchen is mostly wood, and you want to add a tile effect, then go for Montauk tile. We advise you to envelope your kitchen from top to bottom with the wood-like tiles to create an engaging symmetry. 

Olympia Field Tile Collections 

Rather than going for a geometry pattern on the pathway, go for a straight tile pattern like Olympia. This tile works well in the bathroom, kitchen and outdoor space. It can be the best floor tiles choice for your home. Keep your home space clean and modern with this style pattern. 

Porcelain Tiles Pros and Cons 


Water-resistant: Porcelain mosaic tiles will protect your walls from water damage, and keep the floor dry. So, if you choose porcelain mosaic tiles for floor tiles, you will never regret your purchasing decision. 

Stylish: Modern homes are distinguished with geometry patterns, and clean lines styled based tiles. Fortunately, porcelain tiles come in all kinds of stylish and eye-appealing patterns that can enhance any space’s value and look. Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen backsplash area or change the shower floor, there is an abundance of trendy porcelain mosaic tiles in the USA that fit your taste. 

Durable: Porcelain is tough and withstands the harsh environmental conditions. It can bear the load of heavy traffic. It is durable and scratch-resistant. 

Easy to install: With mesh baking technique, you can easily install the porcelain kitchen tiles on the backsplash and floor. 


Expensive: Quality comes with a price. Compared to other material porcelain mosaic tiles in USA are relatively expensive. 


We hope this comprehensive buying guide on the porcelain mosaic tiles helps you a lot. Whether you love a geometry art or straight pattern, porcelain tiles outlets consist of many trendy, stylish, and eye-appealing designs. 

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