PTPTN : A Long Journey but will settle soon

Hello all my beloved reader. Today, the article is from me. Maybe the grammar is wrong but it is totally genuine. If you found the error whether grammar, tense or anything related to language, I’m sorry.
Just read and try to understand.

PTPTN is an education loan from Malaysia government. Most unaffordable student get PTPTN to continue their study. I’m also one of them and the first batch that getting PTPTN loan on 1999 while studies in UiTM Shah Alam.
Luckily, I was studying at UiTM, the cheapest university in Malaysia. At that time, the fee only below RM400 per semester. I don’t think there’s any university giving such cheaper fee like UiTM. Eventhough cheap fee, I still can’t afford to study without any loans.
There’s a sister and brother still studies in secondary school. At that time, I’m live outside as UiTM not provided accomodation. So, I need to rent a small apartment in Section 6. It is not easy as I need to share 2 rooms with 8 person. It look like ‘sardines’ but that the survival need for studies.

The house rent cost is RM600 and we share RM100 per person (including water and electricity). In second semester we’ve moved to more comfortable house and still pay RM100 per person. Almost all the PTPTN money have been used for the rent, food, motorcycle petrol and the worst is the motorcycle repairing.
I think I’ve used almost RM600 for the repairing. It is much as I’ve been fooled by some of mechanic there.

Back to the loan, I’ve received RM14,000 for 4 semester. Unluckily, I’ve extend 1 semester because I’ve failed some of paper course. On the last semester that I’ve extend, I’ve work at McDonald Section 9, Shah Alam. As I’m not tough, I just work for 3 months from 4 months I’ve work. The 1 months I’ve survived and get money from my father.
OO.. still give you story about my previos life. Maybe I’m too nostalgic about that. At that time, I don’t save any money from PTPTN. As I’ve remembered I’ve put RM500 at ASB but it can’t be hold and I withdraw it.

I’ve been employed around 2 years after graduated so I can’t pay any money to PTPTN. Eventhough I got a job as Executive Officer at ‘Melaka Housing and Local Authority Unit’ but I still not pay a cent to PTPTN. Honestly, I just pay a small amount but not consistently after 2006. Only after 2010, I’ve decide to pay at least RM100 per month.
Mostly I’ve paid the loan by It is easy and convenient for me. Eventhough, there’s a charge but it could save my time and money other than pay going to counter.

Sometimes, there’s also it make me worried as the system not update automatically. Fortunately, the system update my balance. Nowaday, my PTPTN balance is RM300.00. I can pay full settlement but I think need to wait as there’s another bill to pay. I’m target the loan could be finish before May 2016. Maybe I could pay RM150 for March salary and pay the balance on April 2016.

Hopefully, there’s no other problem as I want to finish the loan asap. After this, I could using the money for my son insurance and also focus to finish car loan, which is 2 years onward. Pray for me to finish the loan soon.

Thanks for reading this. If you have any experience on PTPTN loan, let’s share with us.

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