Reason why you should donate

Perhaps many of you disagree with the above statement. Why should donate because it will reduce the money or our assets? This may be the question lingering in your mind. Indeed, in theory by donating you will lack the money or assets but actually this donation can stabilize your finances. Why? Here are some reasons why you need to work hard to donate or give alms to the poor.


1. By donating you can get a tax rebate. Some countries give higher rebates if you make charitable through donations. This is to some extent able to reduce the percentage of tax payment.
2. All what we have to share with others. Share is actually able to help us to get a better income. Those who receive from us may be praying for our well-being and will give us fortune in the future.
3. . Donating also helps in terms of promotion. The person receiving will inform on others. If you are involved in business, it will be one of the promotional arm to introduce myself. It is a great way to be recognized.

|Cheapest way to aid charity |

4. Can reduce the capacity of your residence. If you have a lot of coats of old, it’s better off to be donated to the poor. In addition to helping the poor, you can also help reduce the unused items in your home.
5. Donation is noble practice. Most millionaires diligent donate. Bill Gates himself has a foundation called that  worth billions of dollars donated for a specific party. He did not become richer rather poor even donated a fortune to the foundation. So also do the rich people in this world. Contribute will actually increase your income. Yourfinancialblog also has a plan to build a foundation to help especially for those who have financial problem. Hopefully it could success in the future.

That’s some of the benefit donation to your financial. If you have any idea let’s share at comment below. Or maybe you want make donation for me?

| Beware of Scam Charity |

This is the list of charity place for donation online:-

  1. Just Giving – The online website that help people who need help to get their fund.
  2. Green Peace – The online website that promote about environmental issue in our world. We need to support them to ensure our world have a nice environment .
  3.  RTH Stroke Foundation – Do you have family that has stroke? It is sad to see stroke people as they almost can’t do anything. Let’s donate some of our money at
  4. Global Giving – one of the largest global crowdfunding that connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world. Just visit the site at
  5. Better Place –  A website that collect donation in the world to help people that need help such as Syrian and children

I think there’s many place for us to donate. Maybe at different country, there’s a website for the charity foundation.

Most of us know about this RM2.6 billion donation and it become trending worldwide. I
As we know, there's a big Mothernature disaster at Oklahoma. The loss of Oklahama City

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