Reason you will always be poor

Do you feel that you don’t have enough money? Read this reason why you still don’t have enough money and how to keep costs down.

Not Follow Budget
– Don’t have budget or not follow it? It is easy to make your budget. There’s many apps such as Goodbudget, Wallet and Spendbook that could help you.
For me, it is enough using a simple spreadshot. The important thing is know the limit and try spending wisely. Creating a budget could discipline you. Maybe it takes time but you need to do it consistently.

Not Draw Out a Set Amount of cash each week
– How many time you cash out your money from your ATM? To control the cash out, you need to draw out a set amount for the week and try not to use your card for certain time.

Too much buying on food shopping
– Don’t greedy while on hypermarket. Never go food shopping on an empty stomach because it could stimulates your desire to acquire things. So, eat before shopping.

Buy Too Much Fast Food
– As we know, fast food is expensive than food at the stall. So, why buying an expensive meals when you have another choice. If you want to save more, cook at your home. If you don’t know how to cook, try buy the book below.

You Pay To get Work
– If your house is nearby your office, then why pay for transport. 2-3 kilometer need about 30 minutes. You can walk or cycle. If possible, work at home as many company do it to save their cost.

You Buy Or Rent Films
– Why need to buy or rent films when you could use a streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime. It is cheaper than buying DVD or going to cinema. You also could cut your cable tv provider using this streaming service.

Too Much Shopping Online
– Nowaday, internet has become a fantastic place to buy something. Using internet, you just need a few clicks rathet than go to the real shops. But you need to limit your shopping online because there’s many scammer that could steal your money.

Not Changed your Mortgage
– Look at mortgage deals especially when the payment coming to and end, the interest rates are changing.

Paying to much for insurance
– Insurance is good but too much could effect your money. Ask your provider for a better deal.

Okay, that’s some reason you need to change if you don’t want to become poor.

We tend to act out what we believe. Once you believe a certain route to
Money saving is equally, if not more, important as money making. Advices are pouring on

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