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I’ve wrote in yourfinancialblog about 2 years and I found that there’s some improvement in my writing skills. Before this, there’s only copy paste article and some of them is too short. This is not good but I’ve improved it day by day. Ain’t easy to write financial niche especially in English as I’m not really expert on that 2 field but it is a challenge I’ve made. So far it is good even some of my target not reached yet.

I’ve looking at my older post and some of it really short. There’s an article with less than 100 words. It look bad but as I’ve look and read some of the article is really useful. I’ve done some improvement at my older article before. Many old article has been published again as it is still relevant. I think it is one way for me to update regularly as I’ll rebuild my older article to front page.

Do you rebuild your article? I think this is the criteria of article that we can republished again :-

1. Not news article. As news has date so it is not suitable to republish after 1-2 years. It is irrelevant news.
2. The article without number or statistic. Your fact could be argue if you use the older statistics.
3. The ‘quote’ or picture article that still relevant. I’ve write a Friday Financial Quote article about the statement from famous people. I think it could be famous one day and many readers will follow it.
4. Season keyword article. Okay maybe you dont know about the season keyword article. It is good article for specific time. For example ‘ Where to buy t-shirt for New Year’. It could repost again near New Year and could bring more readers from search engine.


Okay, that’s all for today. Hopefully older article could save me more time and getting more traffic. As this article is 100% unique from me maybe there’s some grammatical error. I’m sorry if you could’nt understand the article.

It may be an embarrassing thing asking for help from strangers but I still need
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