Receive Account Statement for Housing Loan

I just received my housing loan statement for last year from Bank Muamalat. There’s many information written in the statement but the most important is :-

  • Bank’s Purchase Price – The amount of purchase is RM81,366.00. It show how much the loan approved last 10 years ago.
  • Bank’s Selling Price – The amount is RM230,003.01. This amount are total payment I will pay if I’m settle the loan in 360 months period account. It show that the amount is almost 3 times my loan ( 230,003.01/81,366.00 =2.8). It is such a huge amount that I will give to the bank.
  • Current Balance – The amount is RM174,288.65. The amount show current balance of my loan.
  • Principle Outstanding – The amount show RM71,224.60. This amount show if I want to do full settlement, I could pay this amount. It is still far to reach.
  • Undisbursed Amount –The amount show RM0.00. I don’t know about this but it is okay as it don’t have amount.
  • Duration/Period : 360 months


I need to put this account to safe place as  I will try to pay more than current amount monthly. I’ve target to pay settlement in 10 years onward. It ain’t easy as I’ve 20 years for time being.  My plan for 10 years is :-

  • Refinance my house and the period will be shorten to 10 years. Maybe I’ll do it next year or at the end of this year as I’ll try to settle car loan. I will using the amount for car loan to add for housing loan.
  • Get another income. I will invest in some portfolio and do some side income job. I’m also hope that yourfinancialblog could growth and bring more wealth to me.
  • Rent this house and live in my wife house. Using the renting income I could add to the loan.
  • Try to settle the housing loan as fast as I can. If I could settle this house, the rent income will become 100%.
  • Buying another house for rent/flipping. Real Estate is one of the best investment as the price is always increase and not drop.

Why is important to know about our balance? It is important as in retirement age, we don’t need to get headache about where to living and not afraid that our house will be sold by bank.

I wish that the planned will be in the line. How about you? Let’s share your experience to settle your housing loan with me..


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