Right Time to Make the Switch from Renting to Owning

It is a dream of every individual to ultimately have a hoe of their own, However the huge costs involved might make it little difficult and make you wait for the real time to come. In such cases people prefer to go for rental accommodation to suffice their residential needs. But this is a fact that the idea of switching from renting to owning is always on back of everyone’s mind. But before you make that switch it is very important that you do consider certain crucial factors and analyze them closely so you don’t end up taking a decision that you regret later on.

Rent To Own

You might have heard of the numerous tax benefits that a real estate investor can avail through rental property investments. But it is important to do a research and understand the minute points in detail. This will include knowledge of the interest rates on the mortgage, state income and real estate taxes charitable gifts, dental and medical expenses and many such more exemptions.

Important Financial Costs

You might be paying rent every month right now, but now you need to pay for the monthly payments for your home. Take out time and do a detailed calculation comparing both the expenses. Do keep in mind that owning a home will require you to go through factors involved such as the down payment and the cost of the property; your current monthly earnings plus your liabilities or debts; home insurance rates and property tax; and the length of the loan repayment.

Purchasable only when Saleable

Your property might lure you well in the first sight and have all the basic amenities, but what is important is how you see it in the long run. You need to identify this at the time of purchase itself that, years down the line if you want to sell the property, will it still yield lucrative deals for you. Consulting a professional from this filed would be the best thing to do in this case. A proper guidance from an expert will let you know that what will be the appreciation value of your asset in the long run.

Lifestyle & Preferences

If you are in a rented accommodation, mobility is a very common practice. You might not like one place and want to change according to your preferred financial condition and lifestyle. For people who are young; starting their lives, always need to shift to places because of their jobs or family. This way they also get to select their home based on their preferred location, committing and other choices. This remains a limiting factor once you are planning owning a home. Once you have bought a home, you will have to like and live in it for a very longer time period; even for the entire lifetime. .

Making the switch can be interesting and exciting for almost every individual but do make sure that you are taking the decision at the right time. Whether it is the market conditions, the dynamic economic scenario or just a minor change in property tax rates, you should be well aware and prepared before making the move and this makes timing is the most crucial factor in buying property.

authorAuthor Bio: Kunal Chhibber is a professional content writer with flair in writing articles on the dynamic real estate sector. A graduate in management, music is his passionate hobby to which he is committed to as a part time Disc Jockey.

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