RM30K for medical treatment at IJN ?

I just got shock news from my youngest sister. As my father went to IJN last week for his heart treatment her story make me shocked.
If my father got warded for about 2 days, the cost is RM30,000. It is a big amount for my family and me. As a salary man to collect the RM30,000 in such a short time ain’t easy.


How to collect that money? Luckily, my brother is a government servant and IJN could use the guarantee letter (GL) as payment for that treatment.
The cost is unbelievable high. It show how the medical treatment cost become higher and higher. Most of us will suffer to get medical treatment.
The important is insurance cover. We must have insurance for this purpose. Nobody will know when we get such as this medical problem.

|Is your life insurance worthless |

I know some of people don’t think insurance is important and not believe it. But when it happen, you will cry as you don’t have enough money to cover the expenses.
I’ve a medical card from Great Eastern Life. Honestly, I’ve never used even I’ve paid the monthly about 3 years ago. It look waste of money but I know the time will come when I need that medical card.
Eventhough I can’t use it, maybe my wife or son could use my money if I’m gone. That’s the important of insurance. Okay, for those who don’t know, nowaday insurance also could give some money to your beneficiaries.

Never afraid to put some money on insurance. Yes, there’s many issue on insurance such as claim but it is important. You need to learn how to deal on this issue. There’s many cases that people could get the treatment using the medical card on their insurance. You need to do some research before buy the policy from insurance company. Otherwise, the problem will occur and you keep on blaming insurance. The best way is to find nearest insurance agent. Maybe it is your family or spouse or any relative. Look at how he/she handle the case. The best agent is those who handle their client wisely and faster. Don’t be fool with the agent that using sport car. Sometimes they don’t do the work. Only their co-agent  doing that hard work.  So, beware and choose carefully.

I’m dreaming if I’m really rich, I will make a cheaper hospital institution. The cost will be affordable but can it become reality? Hopefully, there’s a billionaire make the cost of health more affordable. It is sad that it become a big industry to get money.

Many people believe that successful investing happens from an ability to pick the right stocks,
Do you know where your money wasting daily? We always throw money whether we know

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