Roads towards More Affordable Household Lighting

Lighting fixtures and layers of different light sources play a major role in interior design. Unfortunately, they can drain the energy in your household and increase the bills. That is why you need to find different ways of providing more light to elevate the interior design, but still preserve some money and contribute to the environment.

It is true that more light in your home provides more comfort, elegance and a better atmosphere, but if you make a few changes you will certainly benefit. Manufacturers and designers are considering various ways of incorporating more light into the design, but they also think about green living and lower costs for the homeowners.

Embrace Natural Lighting

This adjustment does require more initial investment, but it can definitely pay off in the long run. Clearly, sunlight is available for everyone and we only need to find ways to let more of it into our homes in order to make our homes and lighting methods eco-friendlier. Sun-savvy windows and skylights can change the atmosphere of a room and can let plenty of sun inside and warm and lighten up the space.

Additionally, you can invest a bit more in the high-tech gear and install solar panels on your roof. These panels collect the sunlight and distribute it throughout the house using fiber optics. This can significantly change the energy consumption in your home and lower the bills. However, it is not all about the money; natural light is beneficial for us all, since it improves our physical and mental health by providing us with natural vitamin D.

Wattage and Dimming

Not every room needs bulbs with the same wattage. Lighting significantly affects the mood of the space and you should think about the wattage you use. You certainly don’t need powerful lights in your living room because you will feel like you are in an office. Likewise, you don’t need dimmed lights in your kitchen or bathroom.

For certain rooms, you can easily consider using less potent wattage and even combine them with dimmers which are pretty handy. Dimmers can help you cut down on the electricity consumption and they can change the atmosphere of any room. Plus, they can make a low-wattage bulb last longer.


Lamp Selection

When selecting lamps for each of the rooms, you have to be careful. They have to correspond with the interior design of your home, but they also have to match their purpose. Overhead lights are useful in rooms such as the kitchen or a workshop, but you can probably make more use of task lamps for illuminating specific portions of the room. Also, small lighting fixtures can elevate the ambient and you can adjust the light according to your needs.

However, it is not all about the type of the lamp you use; the type of light bulbs can make significant changes as well. If you wish to combine eco-friendly elements with great performance and illumination of the space, you can opt for eco-friendly LED ceiling lights. LED bulbs are far more durable and efficient than old-school bulbs which can preserve plenty of energy and money in your home. Additionally, they contain none of the toxic elements and they will distribute the light in the room more evenly which results in buying fewer bulbs than before.

Multiple Switches and Motion Detectors

In larger areas, one switch won’t do the trick. Large rooms need more bulbs and lighting options, thus it is better to install multiple switches. Several switches for one area will provide you with more control over the lighting and they give you the possibility to focus on some specific sections of the room.

As far as motion detectors are concerned, they work better for the outside lighting fixtures and for smaller rooms you scarcely use. These detectors work perfectly for lights by the gates and front doors, just remember to keep your pets away from them. Also, you can install motion detectors in pantries and storage rooms since you don’t go there often and thus minimize the electricity usage.

Eco-friendly homes are trending and you should try and incorporate such elements into your interior design. We use plenty of electricity on a daily basis, so why not make a few changes and make a difference in the world, saving money in so doing.

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