Robert Kuok’s Daughter Not Given Much Pocket Money Growing Up

Do you think that being a youngest daughter of richest man in Malaysia will make you get more money than others? If you think ‘YES’, it is not happen to Robert Kuok, youngest daughter Yen Kuok.
As her parents are living the high-life and jet-setting across the world, this girl launched her fashion start up selling used designer brands on the internet.

She started Guiltless last year, when she realised that there were no site for people to sell of their high end goods in Asia despite the profressive convergence of luxury and technology.
She also relates how she had a no-nonsense upbringing and went to school with only a moderate amount of pocket money.

We all think that she had it easy with a rich father behind her, yet her family brought in a strict environment and was not given much pocket money growing up.
“The way my family brought me up was very strict. In fact, I was not given much pocket money. When I was in school, my friends’ pocket money are usually much more than mine,” she said in an interview with Hong Kong media.

Yen explained that her grandmother set these strict rules when advising her son that her granddaughter should not be raised like a “princess” just because she came from a wealthy family.
Her online consignment store, called ‘Guiltless’, is the first of its kind in Hong Kong to offer luxury goods at “pre-loved” prices, “with a first-class retail experience”, she told Wundrful, an online platform that highlights the people behind their respective brands.

Guiltless was officially launched in Hong Kong and Singapore in January 2016.

Honestly, I think if I’m a millionaire, I will teach my son like that too.

I like to read infographic as it is useful in our life. I just found
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