Samsung paid Apple its $1bn damages in nickels are scam

Today, there’s a fake news about Samsung has paid Apple all the $1b using five cent nickels are troll. The story original from, El Deforma, A Mexican satirical news site The Onion. The site translation news like this

Law experts confirm that if court documents do not specify how a company or person is to pay of a judgement he or she can pay in whatever denomination they’d like as long as it is paid off in the currency that is stated in the judgement.

samsung pays apple 1 billion sending 30 trucks f
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It is funny how the story spread around the world and many people believe it. Hey, it ain’t easy to find the nickel that can value about $1billion. And 30 truck won’t be enough to send it…. Am I right?

  Apple CEO, Tim Cook  delivered a message Wednesday to students at Scotland's University of Glasgow, where
Bank Negara Malaysia(BNM) has rejected calls to lengthen the repayment period for housing loans from

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