Save money : Help Clothes last longer

One of wasting money is buying problem. There’s many of us buy clothes but it not last longer. This is some tips to make your clothes last longer :-

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Water Temperature is Key

Hot water (or warm water) helps remove stains and dirt from clothes, but it also takes color out of clothes over time. That’s why it’s great to wash soiled clothes like white socks separately, so that you can use hot water to remove dirt. You don’t want to wash nice shirts and pants in hot water, as the colors will dull over time. Use cold water for everything colored, and it’ll clean just fine. Hot water also shrinks clothes, not as much as drying them, but it can still make them smaller, so be careful with fitted shirts.

Put Like with Like
Don’t just separate your clothes into colors and whites – consider the level of dirt in them and whether or not they are stained with makeup or bathroom products. Purples and reds probably shouldn’t be washed with other colors unless they’ve been washed a lot and you know the colors won’t spread, because these dyes tend to seep out of clothing the most. Don’t put soiled white socks with nice white dress shirts just because they are the same color.

Use Those New-Fangled Color Catchers
Those new dryer sheet looking things called color catchers? Those sheets work wonders in the dryer to stop the spread of colors from one piece of clothing to another. When you take the sheet out of the dryer, you’ll see all the pigment that it caught.

Consider the Wash Cycle
I’ve made the mistake lots of times of washing delicates in a regular wash cycle. Skipping the spin cycle can help prevent the tearing and deformation of nicer pieces of clothing, so make sure to switch your wash to a delicate cycle if needed, especially when washing things like bras and dresses.

Logically Treat Stains
Throwing a stained piece of clothing into the washing machine likely won’t get it out, unless the substance is water-soluble. If you have a grease stain, use a grease-cutting dish soap to soak the stain. Make sure to treat all stains before putting your clothes through the washer, as washing them actually helps set stains and makes them harder to remove. Also, when putting a piece of clothing with a stain through the washer, do it separately, so other clothes do not get ruined.

Use Less Detergent and Vinegar Instead of Bleach
Use less detergent when you wash or nix the detergent altogether and just go with a good laundry soap. In our house, for instance, we use OxyClean almost exclusively and use a direct stain bar (bar of soap for laundry you can get in most stores) directly on stains before soaking and then washing. This is much easier on the fabrics and it saves a lot of soap going down the drain. With Oxy, you only need a little to do a lot of laundry.


When you need to bleach your whites, try using vinegar (white, not apple cider) instead of bleach. It’s easier on the clothes and much easier on the environment. It’s also less abrasive to your skin. It costs about the same per gallon, so you lose nothing by switching. Special note: if you use vinegar or bleach, DO NOT USE OXYCLEAN in the same load. They will react and cause stitching and thin fabrics to weaken. One or the other, even if you keep using detergent, is good enough anyway. Both is overkill.

Sew Up Tears and Keep Your Buttons
As soon as you notice a tear or a hole, fix it. Don’t wash it first, fix it first. The agitation of the washing could make the tear worse and the sooner you fix the problem, the better off you’ll be in terms of how it looks and how bad it gets.

If your clothing came with extra buttons or if you are throwing out a piece of clothing that has buttons or snaps, take them off and save them. You might remember your mom having a “button jar” somewhere in which she kept a huge array of spare buttons. Revive that tradition. These buttons come in hand for repairs on similar items (you’ll be surprised at how often you find a match) and are great for all kinds of fun crafts too.

Cut the Tags and Zip the Zippers
If you remove the tags (store tags or the tabs sewn in the collar or seam), cut them instead of tearing. Tearing can leave weak spots or even pull threads on your otherwise brand-new clothing. This makes it break down quicker.

Use scissors to cut through the tags or remove the tab close to the root without getting to the fabric. This will save you a lot of headaches later.

Finally, to keep zippers intact and help with zipper fatigue issues, zip up jackets, shirts, etc. that have zippers (even pants, if you think it will help) before washing. This helps keep them from getting clogged up with junk or loosening from movement in the machine. It also helps in the tumble dry to keep down the “tick tick tick” sound from the zipper flopping around.

That’s some tips to make your clothes last longer and it means your money could be save for others…

Reference : Fit And Fab Living
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