Sell Your Used Vehicle for the Most Money Possible

Selling an old car doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, many people find that they make more money through a private sale than they do trading in their used car at the dealership. So how can you go about doing it and maximizing your profit?

Prepare Your Car

Nobody wants to buy a trashy vehicle with a moldy interior unless they’re paying a rock-bottom price. In order to ask the most amount of money for your used vehicle, make sure it’s detailed before putting it out there. It doesn’t cost much to get new windshield wipers, cheap hubcaps, a car wash and a thorough vacuuming. A good waxing and interior air freshener never hurt either.

Make sure you have the car detailed before advertising, even if friends and coworkers are already showing interest. You don’t want to show a dirty vehicle to an interested buyer because that’s the first impression they’ll have, and they likely won’t be interested even after a good detailing.

Create a Topnotch Advertisement



Whether you’re looking to advertise on social media, Craigslist, or a local publication, the time and effort you put into the advertisement can make or break a good sale. Before publishing any information about the car, take plenty of photographs from all angles. These don’t have to be professional photographs, but use a quality camera rather than a phone camera that might create blurry, grainy images.

Write up the advertisement with plenty of information about the vehicle and be honest. Some potential buyers don’t mind purchasing a car with high mileage or one that’s had its transmission changed, but they do need to know about it.

Park Your Car in a High-Traffic Area

Published advertisements will generate plenty of interest, but some buyers can just as easily discover your vehicle parked near a busy intersection with a “For Sale” sign on the dashboard. If you do plan to advertise the car this way, park it in an area where there is plenty of traffic, but not so much that your car is at risk of being hit.

Generally, store parking lots or empty roadside lots make great parking spaces. Your driveway can also be a good place if you’re a city dweller. Make sure that you have permission to park a vehicle in your choice of parking lot to ensure it won’t be towed. You can also display it for a few hours every day instead of overnight. Include the web address of your online advertisement so potential buyers can get all the information they need.

Consider Other Options

If your car isn’t generating the interest you had hoped, consider other cash options that give you a better deal than making a dealer trade. Many cars for cash options exist that allow you to sell your vehicle in any condition, even if it’s been totaled or is a complete junker. Some will even come to your residence and remove the vehicle for you, giving you cash on the spot.

Selling your used vehicle doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a little effort, you’ll have cash in hand in no time.


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